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UptoEarth GmbH

UptoEarth GmbH

UptoEarth (UTE) has developed a set of services aimed at monitoring, certifying and encouraging agricultural soil carbon sequestration through the combination of satellite images and advanced machine learning techniques. In 2018, we begun working on a project called “Soil Carbon sequestration in Agricultural Systems”, which was presented at the 2018 Copernicus Masters University Challenge. The project was declared the winner of the competition and as a result, we took part to the Copernicus Accelerator programme to finalise the project. In 2019 UTE was formally founded and was incubated by the ESA programme that supports the development of new products and services applying space technologies.
Since then, UTE has taken part to several international projects and events related to space technologies and smart agriculture, including:
- The Copernicus “Eyes on Earth” Roadshow, an EASME and DG GROW initiative (2019).
- INTERGEO 2019 in Stuttgart, a professional conference and trade fair held in Germany.
- Vinitaly 2019 in Verona, for the presentation of the LCA - Life Cycle Assessment project where UTE is consulting the Operative Group.
- Change Tourism, Change the World 2019 in Rome, an Italian programme to boost innovative solutions in the tourism sector.
- Blue Tulip Awards 2020, where UTE was selected as an innovative start-up in the Climate category.
In 2020 the Company won the Copernicus Incubator programme and is one of the partners of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project FarmBox - The farmer's toolbox for climate change mitigation.
In this short time, UptoEarth has develop an extensive network of key partners in different sectors, countries and organisations, and is fully committed its mission.


Im Rosengarten 48, 64367 Mühltal, Deutschland

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