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DigiFarm detects the world’s most accurate field boundaries and seeded acres to power precision agriculture. This is achieved through developing deep neural network models for automatically detecting field boundaries through super-resolving Sentinel-2 satellite imagery to 1 meter resolution. DigiFarm has detected over 100+ mill. hectares including country-wide coverage for Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Czezch Republic with detection accuracies of above 96%, 12-15% higher than existing boundary data (LPIS/CLUs and 10m solutions). The solution benefits agricultural organizations to optimize operations, making better data-driven decisions, reducing seasonal uncertainty, minimising production costs, increasing crop-revenue and enabling key development in Carbon capture leading to reduction in Co2 footprints. DigiFarm delivers software as a service seamlessly integrated into clients (B2B/B2G) digital solutions (API).


+47 948 42 517

Holsetgata 22, 2317 Hamar, Norwegen

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