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Agvolution GmbH

Agvolution GmbH

Farm activities could produce already around 100,000 data points per hectare but often in a bad quality, not permanently and in a low resolution.
AGVOLUTION offers for the agriculture, forestry, horticulture and public greens a revolutionary solution for the implementation of a climate-friendly, resource-saving and at the same time profitable plant growing - With its two core products:
CLIMAVI - IoT microclimate sensors (patent-pending)
FARMALYZER - the environmental intelligence (patent-pending)
Based on CLIMAVI-IoT the FARMALYZER provides transparent presentation of economic cost of each crop management activity, accounting for resource balancing e.g. CO2., nitrogen, biocides, growth regulator, fuel and water). Considering climatic extremes and risks, the process-based FARMALYZER decision support allows an economic and ecological optimization (per 10 sqm) of up to 40%. All information, e.g. on spatial irrigation amount, recommendation of nitrogen fertilizer or the monitoring via the CLIMAVI IoT sensors can be accessed via an easy-to-use API interface in existing farm management software or via the FARMALYZER-APP. AGVOLUTION will increase the available data points per hectare up to 1.5 million to make "climate-smart" decisions to minimize climate risks in crop production at any time and in any environment.


+49 (0) 551 27075944

Philipp-Reis-Straße 2A, 37075 Göttingen, Deutschland

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